Bicycle Racks Available Through Grant Program

The grant provides bike parking for any business or agency at just 20 percent of the actual cost, which is typically $20 for one rack. One rack holds two bicycles, is simple to install into concrete, and comes with tamperproof hardware to prevent theft. Racks are available in a variety of colors at no extra cost. There are other types of racks available for locations that only have asphalt available.

This program has become increasingly popular as more people are using their bikes every day for commuting, shopping, socializing and recreation. People are more likely to bike if they are confident that they will find convenient and secure parking at their destinations.

Providing bike parking also gives a more orderly appearance to buildings and prevents bicyclists from locking their bikes to unacceptable fixtures, such as trees, benches or railings. If a bike rack appears insecure or is in the wrong location, bicyclists will not use it.

To apply for this grant program, please contact Kelley Segars at or 865-215-3815.