Media Kit

The Knoxville Regional Bicycle Program’s vision is a convenient, efficient transportation system where people can bike safely to all places.

Housed within the Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization (TPO), the Bicycle Program guides the implantation of the 2009 Regional Bicycle Plan for Anderson, Blount, Jefferson, Knox, Loudon Sevier and a portion of Cocke counties.

The Bicycle Program is run by TPO staff, and is assisted by the Metropolitan Planning Commission. The program has five main tenants:

  1. Encouragement
    • Bike Month and Tour de Lights
    • Bicycling Ambassadors Program
    • Website, brochures and maps
  2. Education
    • Present to all high school drivers education classes
    • Awareness campaigns
    • Brochures, Ambassadors program
  3. Engineering
    • Review road projects for compliance with accommodation policy
    • Look for opportunities during resurfacing
    • Prioritize bicycle projects and encourage jurisdictions to fund them
    • Bike Parking Program
  4. Enforcement
    • Coordination with law enforcement on bicycle issues
  5. Evaluation
    • Develop and monitor performance measures