There's a class for everyone

Our free 30-min classes are customized just for you! We can help you learn how to: start biking again, ride safely in traffic, ride a bike, ride without training wheels, or use your gears to make riding easier and more fun. After the free session, if you need more instruction, we offer classes at your convenience: $10 for 30-min or $15 for 1 hour (shorter classes are best for younger kids). To sign up for a session, email us with your location and what dates/times you are available.

Biking for Beginners
This class allows you to learn and practice bicycling in a safe, traffic-free environment. Instruction is customized for your needs and takes place in a parking lot and on the greenway. The personalized approach allows you to work on what you need to feel more comfortable on a bicycle. 

Getting Back on a Bike
You want to get back on a bike, but it’s been a long time.  We will show you how to set up a bike to fit you comfortably, how to fit your helmet, how to start and stop safely, how to ride straight and confidently, and how to shift gears.

Learn to Ride a Bicycle: Adults
Didn't learn as a kid? It's never to late to start! You’ll learn how to balance, steer, start, stop and pedal. Learning time varies, but typically people are riding in two to three hours (which can be divided into one-hour sessions on separate weekends).  You can also teach yourself using the tips in this great article.

Freedom from Training Wheels: Children
You know how to ride a bike, but can you remember how you learned to ride a bike? Freedom From Training Wheels is the parent's guide for teaching your child how to ride a bicycle.  This article has step-by-step guidance on teaching your child to ride without training wheels. Or if you would like us to help your child start riding without training wheels, we are happy to! 

Ride Smart – Urban Biking 101The essentials of city riding and intersections. This 1-hour casual ride will teach you where to ride on the road, how to negotiate intersections, and other tips to make you more confident biking in traffic. 

Smart Cycling
This 4-hour class covers topics including choosing the right bicycle, helmet and bike fitting, using your gears, emergency maneuvers, how to avoid crashes, lane and intersection positioning, group riding techniques, and riding in inclement weather. This class combines classroom learning with on-bike exercises and a practice ride in traffic. The $50 fee includes the League’s Smart Cycling manual. Discounts for groups available.

Smart Cycling 101

May 12
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Blount County Public Library, 508 N. Cusick St

The Smart Cycling Course includes tips and techniques that increase the benefits of vehicular bicycling and staying safe while bicycling. The course combines online instruction with parking lot and on-road practice. The Smart Cycling Course begins with the participant taking an online self-guided course and is completed with on-bike skill drills and a practice ride. Course is free, pre-registration is required. Register with    865-803-8887

Speakers Bureau

We have several presentations that are available for your organization or worksite. Contact us for details on scheduling.

Driving Safely Around Bicyclists and Pedestrians
This interactive, fun presentation focuses on ways motorists can avoid the most common types of collisions, and what the traffic laws are related to bicycling and walking. There are 20-minute and a 40-minute versions to choose from, for different meeting formats. 

Bike Safety
A 30-minute presentation on riding your bicycle safely and the Tennessee traffic laws. The course is perfect for a lunch-and-learn at your business or a civic group meeting. Every attendee gets a free reflective ankle strap. On-the-road bicycle training is available upon request (which would make the course 1 1/2-hours long, and require attendees to bring their bicycles and helmets; or we can discuss arrangements to rent bicycles).

Bike Commuting 101
Want to get started biking to work, but have some questions? Brief presentation followed by time for question/answer session. Perfect for a lunch-and-learn.