I BIKE KNX promotes bicycling as part of the overall transportation system. We are housed within the Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization and work to implement the 2009 Regional Bicycle Plan.


A convenient, efficient transportation system where people can bike safely to all places.

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Use this map to learn about facilities across East Tennessee. The map includes information on:

  • Bike lanes
  • Signed bicycling routes
  • Greenways and other multiuse trails
  • NEW Bicycle repair stations and bike shops

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Whatever your reason for biking and whatever kind of bike you ride, we all share two wheels. We also share the road, which means we should obey traffic laws, be predictable and communicate our intentions. Take the I Bike KNX Safe Biking Pledge here and be eligible for discounts at participating businesses, along with lots of specials during Bike Month each year.

News from I BIKE KNX

Bike Rack Grant Program

Did you know that bike racks are available at just 20% of the cost for any private business, public agency, or non-profit organization located in Knox, Blount, Loudon or Sevier County? 

2018 Tour de Lights Event Summary

Thanks to all who participated and made the event a huge success!

Knoxville on “Best Bike Cities in America” List

Knoxville is ranked #49 on the "Best Bike Cities in America" list! The City of Knoxville currently has about 17 total miles of bicycle lanes, which is more than triple what it was in 2012. That progress is continuing, with 2.4 additional miles scheduled for completion before the end of this year.

Moving forward with comprehensive plans outlined in the City's 2015 Bicycle Facilities Plan and the 2016 Greenways Feasibility Study will allow Knoxville to continue to provide a good experience for urban bicyclists. And hopefully the city will continue to rise on this list!

Read more and find out how other cities ranked!

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