Bicycle Rack Grant Program

Location. Location. Location.

Outfit Your Business

More people are using their bikes every day for commuting, shopping, and general transportation. Providing bicycle parking encourages people to use their bicycles as transportation. People are more likely to bike if they are confident that they will find convenient and secure parking at their destination.

Providing bike parking gives a more orderly appearance to a building and prevents bicyclists from locking their bikes to unacceptable fixtures, such as trees, benches or railings. However, if a bike rack appears insecure or is in the wrong location, bicyclists will not use it.

This rack holds two bicycles, is simple to install into concrete, and comes with tamperproof hardware to prevent theft. The rack is available in many colors at no extra cost.

To apply for this grant program, please email Craig Luebke or call 215-3825.



The grant provides bike parking for your business or agency at just 20% of the actual cost. For one rack (which holds two bicycles) this usually equates to about $20.

Who is eligible?

Any private business, public agency, or non-profit organization located in Knox, Anderson, Blount, Loudon or Sevier County is eligible for this program. New development may only use this grant for one rack per business. Additional racks may be ordered at full cost.


  1. Business/agency emails TPO Bicycle Program manager to apply
  2. Site visit to identify appropriate location for rack(s); TPO staff meets with person who can approve rack location (manager or owner)
  3. Owner/manager requests order via email or letter, committing to the 20% local match
  4. TPO orders bike rack(s), which are shipped directly to the business/agency
  5. TPO invoices business/agency for the 20% local match
  6. Business/agency installs rack in the approved location

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