Bike Rack Grant Program

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Bike Rack Grant Program

Have you heard about I Bike KNX’s Bike Rack Program? Through a grant, bike racks are available at just 20% of the cost for any private business, public agency, or non-profit organization located in Knox, Blount, Loudon or Sevier County. The racks vary in price depending on the design, but the most basic design holds two bikes and costs about $20. The process for applying for the program is very simple:

  • 1.       Email Craig Luebke to apply.
  • 2.       Schedule a site visit to determine best placement for the rack(s).
  • 3.       Owner/manager of the business/agency requests the order of the bike rack(s) and commits to the 20% match (the other 80% is covered by the grant).
  • 4.       Bike rack(s) are shipped to the business/agency.
  • 5.       Business/agency is invoiced for the 20% match.
  • 6.       Business installs the rack(s) in the approved locations.

This process is very simple and straightforward. The main responsibilities for the business/agency are to schedule a site visit, order the rack(s), and then have the rack(s) installed after delivery.

Why should you think about installing bicycle racks? There are more people choosing to bike every day! You can help increase the number of people on bicycles by having bike racks, as people are more likely to use their bicycle when they are confident that they will have a place to lock up their bike when they get to their destination. Also, providing safe and secure areas for people to lock up their bicycles can help keep businesses and buildings looking orderly and presentable. Riders are less likely to lock their bikes to other fixtures or leave them in areas that can impede foot traffic.

Interested? Contact Craig Luebke at to schedule a site visit! You can check out our website for more information, as well as see how many bike racks have already been installed on our interactive map.