Knoxville-Knox County Bicycle Map


The Knoxville Regional Bicycle Program has developed this map to assist residents and visitors in finding appropriate routes to bicycle. The roads are classified according to traffic volumes and speeds and the amount of space on the road for bicyclists. This map enables people to choose routes based on the road conditions they prefer. Most local streets are not rated because they tend to have low traffic volumes and speeds and are therefore comfortable for most bicyclists. 

If you would like a printed copy of the Knoxville or Knox County Bicycle Map, please email Dori Caron with your mailing address.

Knoxville Bicycle Map with marked bike routes

Knox County Bicycle Map with bicycling resource

Knoxville Center City Routes

We all know that it can be hard to find a good way to get from Point A to Point B by bike. These bike routes have been chosen as the best ways to get to popular destinations around Knoxville. Conditions on roadways vary depending on time of day, day of the week and season.

We'd like your input! Send suggestions or comments on these routes to: or fax to 215-2984.

Blount County Bicycle Map


The Blount County bicycle map shows two popular bike routes that are used for recreation and exercise. The Tuckaleechee route runs from Heritage High School to Townsend, with great views along the way. The Louisville Point Park route starts at the park and rides through some beautiful rural scenery.

Users of these maps should be aware that potential hazards and obstructions may exist on the routes shown. The TPO is not responsible for the condition of any of the routes identified on these maps, nor for any injuries or damages occurring in connection with the use of these maps. The user of these maps bears the full responsibility for his or her safety.