Easy things you can today

1Stay in touch

Stay in touch via social media our email list! You'll receive invites to events, rides, and learn about local bicycle news.

2Take the IBikeKNX Pledge

Whatever your reason for biking and whatever kind of bike you ride, we all share two wheels. We also share the road! Take the IBIKEKNX pledge to show your support for a safer bicycling environment!

3Get on your bicycle!

The more people bicycling around town, the more normal bicycling will seem to motorists and the more likely motorists are to notice bicyclists. Just heightening awareness of bicycling increases safety.

People who see you on a bike may think to themselves, “Hey, that’s a good idea– maybe I’ll get my bike out of the garage.”

When you’re biking around town, remember that you’re a role model. If you follow the rules, you’ll be setting a good example. If you don’t, you’ll be giving a bad name to bicyclists everywhere and confusing motorists about what the rules really are for bicycles (Hint: same as for motorists!).

Make a difference

1Get in the know

Read the Community Guide to Creating Great Places.

This guide explains how public policy is made in your community and introduces you to the local officials who design and maintain your neighborhoods and communities.

2Contact your elected officials

Learning who your elected representatives are and just calling or emailing them to say something positive about bicycling is powerful. They have to make very difficult funding decisions and need to know they have support from their constituents if they are going to fund bicycle projects and programs. So just make a call or send an email about bicycle issues.