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I Bike KNX app for smartphones logs your bicycle trips. The data you record is sent to regional transportation planners in the Knoxville area and can be used to make our region a better place to ride.

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By learning about what routes you prefer, the ongoing efforts to improve bicycling conditions in the area can be strategically enhanced.

Project Partners

The I Bike KNX smartphone app is a collaboration between Civil and Environmental Engineering researchers at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville and the Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization. The project aims to improve bicycling safety and use the valuable data it provides to understand how improvements to area roadways can best meet the needs of area bicyclists.

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Source Code

The I Bike KNX app is based on previous works in Philadelphia and Atlanta. It is based on an open-source application called CyclePhilly, developed by volunteers at CodeForPhilly and extended by Cycle Atlanta. CodeForPhilly's efforts were based on the original CycleTracks application developed by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority in 2010:

Source code for iOS and Android versions of the Knoxville Region's implementation of the app is available on Github. Phillip Goldfarb and Mark Bellott developed updates to the user interface, app security and compatibility.

About the app


  • GPS track of each trip you record along with the mileage and duration of the trip
  • Reports of calories burned and pounds of CO2 emissions saved
  • Report problems along your route such as potholes, crashes/near misses, obstructed bike lanes, etc

What is does

The I Bike KNX app uses your smartphone’s GPS to record information about your bicycle trips. When you start the app, information about the route you take is recorded, along with the speed and time of day. Optional information including the purpose of your trip can be specified. When you complete your trip, the data is sent to the Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization where it will be aggregated with hundreds of other trips to build a picture of the routes most frequently used to travel in the area. 

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