Bicycling 101 Series

Everything you need to know how, where, and what to ride and who to ask when you need some assistance!

Local Bicycle Resources
Lists local bike shops, clubs, and organizations and offers advice on how to get involved in promoting bicycling.

Getting There by Bicycle
Tips on picking routes, parking and locking your bike, hauling stuff (including kids!) and commuting by bicycle. Offers ideas on necessary commuting gear and the best commuting bikes, as well as a section on taking your bike on the bus.

On the Road
Covers from basic skills and shifting gear to riding on greenways and even in traffic. Bonus section that we hope you never need:  What to Do After a Crash!

Your Bicycle and You
Advice on choosing a bike and getting the right size, picking accessories like clothes, helmets, and lights, and inspecting your bike before your take of on a ride.



On the Road Help

This handy list lets you know who to contact to report potholes, aggressive dogs, road rage incidents, and more. It covers eight counties in the Knoxville region.



Staying safe, legal and courteous


Ride Smart
Learn when to take the lane, how to avoid the door zone, and how to keep from being trapped between a car and road debris. Loaded with graphics, this brochure is a great visual resource.



What to do in case of a crash

Greenway Etiquette
This quick reference offers suggestions for both cyclists and other users to keep our greenways safe and courteous places for everyone to enjoy.


Go By Bike: A Parent's Guide to Bike Safety
Teaching your child to ride safely is the best way to get them off to a good start and help keep them safe.





Freedom From Training Wheels: Parent Guide
You can teach your child to ride a bicycle — without training wheels! Here's a step by step guide.




Tennessee Traffic Laws Relating to Bicycles: A Handbook for Motorists and Bicyclists
Many motorists and bicyclists are unsure about the rules are regarding bicycling on roadways. This handbook was developed to help everyone understand what the law says, and how motorists and bicyclists can safely share the road. Available in online and print versions. (To make your own handbook, print double-sided, flipping on the short edge of the paper.)


Citizens Guide to Promoting Bicycle-Friendly Communities
This guide is a resource for individuals, local organizations, community coalitions, neighborhood groups, the faith community and others interested in promoting and creating bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods and communities.