Bike Program Issues Update

May 2015

Bicycle Plan
Implementation of the 2009 Bicycle Plan is ongoing.

Bike Network
The City of Knoxville released the first-ever Bicycle Facilities Plan, with a prioritized project list. Mayor Rogero has included $1 million of funding for bicycle facilities in the 2015-2016 City of Knoxville budget. Bike lanes have been added to Cherokee Farms (UT) roads, Timothy/Knoxville Zoo Drive, Prosser Rd, Martin Luther King, N 6th, Henley St bridge, Joe Johnson Blvd, University Commons, W. Baxter, N 5th, and Jackson Ave (all in the City of Knoxville).

We conduct bicycle/pedestrian counts at 6-14 intersections in Knoxville twice a year. Counts can be viewed here. A camera and DVR is now used to conduct counts, so video can be viewed instead of having people in the field. Greenway counts are also being conducted via laser counters.

Bicycling Ambassadors
Bicycling Ambassadors receive training once a year, and new people are trained to become Ambassadors. They staff a bicycle program booth at various community festivals and events. They also provide "Sharing the Road with Bicyclists" training to every high school drivers education class in the region each semester.

Bike Classes
The TPO sponsored 10 people to become League Certified Instructors in bike safety classes through intensive training by the League of American Bicyclists in March 2015. We unveiled a new slate of bike classes for 2015 and are just starting to promote them.

The 7th annual Tour de Lights in December 2014 had record turn-out with more than 1,000 people participating.

The Bicycle Program’s facebook likes increased from 1191 in June 2014 to 1448 in may 2015. Our email open rate is 35 - 42%, well above industry average.

Bike parking
More than 645 bike racks have been installed through the bike parking grant program. These locations are now available in an interactive map on our website.